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A Bartholin cyst develops when a blockage occurs in a Bartholin gland in the vagina. It is a cystic disease that occurs in the vulvar Bartholin gland in gynecology. It is a cyst formed due to the blockage of the outer opening of the gland, so that the secretion of the gland cannot be discharged. It may be caused by bacterial infection, or may be caused by inflammation itself. This blockage causes a lump that can cause irritation and pain during walking, sitting or sex. Bartholin cysts can resolve on their own over time. If it becomes infected, it may need treated by a doctor.

Diseases mostly occur in women who are conscious of fertility, and women who are pregnant and have infancy. The skin is not mucous and infected with abscesses, and the surface is not mucous and tender. Such as semi-purulent blood, the fluid can be aspirated; pus can be produced. A common surgical approach.