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2021-22 季節性流感疫苗 Quadrivalent Influenza Vaccination

2021-22 季度季節性流感疫苗已於 2021 年 10 月 6 日開始接種,接種疫苗後身體約需兩星期產生抗體來預防流感病毒。

「滅活流感疫苗」適合接種人士 :6個月或以上人士 ,包括健康人士、懷孕婦女及有長期健康問題的人士

註 :9歲以下從未接種過流感疫苗的兒童,應接種兩劑,而兩劑疫苗的接種時間至少相隔4個星期

「減活流感疫苗」(噴鼻式) 只建議供年齡為2-49歲的非懷孕、非免疫力低及沒有對疫苗嚴重過敏的人士使用

「滅活流感疫苗」與「減活流感疫苗」對任何疫苗成分或接種任何流感疫苗後曾出現嚴重過敏反應的人士都不宜接種 。


  • 醫護人員 (包括安老院舍和殘疾人士院舍的護理人員)
  • 50 歲或以上的人士
  • 孕婦
  • 居於護理院舍 (例如安老院舍和殘疾人士院舍)的人士
  • 有長期健康問題的人士
  • 6 個月至 11 歲兒童
  • 家禽業從業員
  • 從事養豬或屠宰豬隻行業的人士

The season of 2021-22 Seasonal Influenza Vaccination commenced on 6 October 2021. It takes 2 weeks after vaccination for antibodies to develop in the body to provide protection against influenza virus.

“Inactivated influenza vaccine” can be used for 6 months or above, including healthy people, pregnant women and people with chronic medical problems.

P.S. Children under 9 years old who have never received influenza vaccine should receive 2 doses at a minimum interval of 4 weeks.

“Live attenuated influenza vaccine” (nasal spray) can be used for people 2-49 years of age except those who are pregnant, immunocompromised or with other contraindications.

“Inactivated influenza vaccine” & “Live attenuated influenza vaccine” people who have a history of severe allergic reaction to any vaccine component or a previous dose of any influenza vaccine are not suitable to receive the vaccine.

Priority Groups

  • Healthcare workers (including care workers in Residential Care Homes for the Elderly [RCHE] and Residential Care Homes for Persons with Disabilities [RCHD])
  • Persons aged 50 years or above
  • Pregnant women
  • Residents of Residential Care Homes (such as RCHE or RCHD)
  • Persons with chronic medical problems
  • Children aged 6 months to 11 years
  • Poultry workers
  • Pig farmers and pig-slaughtering industry personnel

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